The Moshe Tabibnia research center enhances the value of the collection’s historic artifacts through careful study and display. Scholars are offered free access to the gallery’s specialised library and photographic archive; in addition to this, the research center collaborates every day with a wide network of museums, universities, and specialists all around the world.

Drawing on their extensive knowledge of art history, material culture, and other disciplines, our researchers carry out themed studies, making attributions, authentications, and evaluations of textile artifacts and collections belonging to either private or institutional owners. Furthermore, they can undertake specific research on commission, as well as catalogue collections on request. They are also available to collaborate in the development of exhibitions and editorial projects.

The Moshe Tabibnia research centre offers a wide range of educational activities, including conferences and lectures, often organised concurrently with exhibitions set up at the Gallery Moshe Tabibnia. Additionally, our experts organise guided group and individual visits to our premises for scholars as well as art lovers, in order to inform and educate them on the collection’s distinctive characteristics.