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The Moshe Tabibnia collection includes antique rugs, tapestries and textile artifacts of different origins, and from different centuries. These historic textiles, comparable in quality to museum items, are of remarkable rarity and uniqueness, and they can be regarded as invaluable cultural heritage assets by textile art lovers, scholars, and collectors.
This selection, created and expanded through thoughtful purchases, also from prestigious private collections, is constantly changing, as a result of either new acquisitions and disposals, or accessions and de-accessions. Gallery Moshe Tabibnia is involved in a constant conversation with museums, cultural institutions, and private collectors from around the world, in order to make international exchanges and loans a reality.
Each item in the Moshe Tabibnia collection is catalogued and carefully preserved in one of the gallery’s three secure vaults and an external deposit, where more than 3,000 artifacts are currently stored. Gallery Moshe Tabibnia’s personnel is highly committed to guaranteeing and promoting public access to the entire collection.